Thomas White (Home Owner):

My wife and I knew from the very beginning that David was not your run of the mill home designer and that we were going to enjoy working with him. David listened to us, educated us a LOT about home design and theory and worked tirelessly with us to make sure that we got what we wanted and needed. He was always receptive to our suggestions and would tell us if they were valid or not. He was patient and always ready and willing to make small updates. Subsequently, we ended up with an absolutely wonderful design that has translated into a home that is beyond our expectations! The man is OVERFLOWING with talent!

Our home is built on a large lot (two and a half acres) and David spent the time to make sure the home was situated optimally while considering many factors. We unconditionally recommend David for all of your home design needs. You won’t be disappointed! Lastly, the cost of all this was less than we anticipated.

Kris Atwell (Home Owner):

David designed our house in Grand Junction. He was very pleasant and easy to work with and guided me through the process step by step. He listened to and worked with all my suggestions and made excellent suggestions of his own! The finished product has a lot of light and David did an excellent job of siting it on our property in order to take advantage of the best views. I would highly recommend him!

Teri Styers (Real Estate Agent):

David tackled the challenge of designing a two bedroom home to fit on a less than 600 square foot foundation. Yep, that’s practically a “tiny house”. While I gave him a general layout idea, he tweaked a few things to create a better traffic flow; and pointed out a few other flaws that would be red flagged by the building department. He was patient with revisions and the house turned out really cute!

Henry Metz (General Contractor):

David is very engaged in the design process and gives consideration to things that other designers don’t, like the amount of natural sunlight, the way the house feels and the overall live-ability. Spec-homes that David designs sell immediately with multiple offers. My subcontractors also prefer working from David’s plans.

James Laudadio (General Contractor):

David has been drawing plans for me for 20 years. As a builder, he provides great value from production to custom. His plans are value-engineered to reduce cost.

Corinne Giuliano (Construction Labor – Framer):

Having been in construction for the last 8 years, I’ve seen a lot of awful house plans. David’s blueprints have always flowed so perfectly to make the most sense down to the smallest measurements. He really puts the extra effort into the art he creates. I’ve learned a lot and being a part of David’s projects makes me proud of my work.