David Watkins Home Design is a boutique residential design studio offering progressive residential design. We are careful to keep a small client roster so that David Watkins can personally attend every meeting and remain intimately involved with the design of each house.

“At first we shape our buildings, then afterwards our buildings shape us.”

– Winston Churchill


Starting with your values, we work together to create a house that inspires you to feel that simple, human sense that you are proud and happy to be living in your home because it’s your home, shaped by the life that you want to live.

As a visual art that we get to live in, practical utility and artistic expression need to support and compliment each other in a way that improves your quality of life.


David Watkins is an award-winning Designer living in Bend Oregon with over 25 years of experience.

David worked his way through college building houses along side his uncle, who is a General Contractor. This kind of field experience is invaluable.

Beginning in 1992, David worked under Architects Ed Chamberlain in Grand Junction and David Waugh in Boulder, CO while studying Interior Design at The Art Institute of Denver.

David launched his own practice in 2003 and has since designed over 300 homes with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable design.